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By choosing Totum Solutions, you are choosing real professionals!

Totum Solutions is a team of the best professionals in the field of consulting and business promotion.

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About us

Totum Solutions is a company providing consulting and professional services in the field of business development.

As one of the leading companies in this market segment, we offer our clients assistance in developing their turnkey business. Our team, consisting only of professionals in their fields, can solve any problem in achieving the goal of our client.

For 15 years of working, we have managed to cover most of the business areas in which we are now successfully developing. However, we do not stand still: we attract new specialists, train our team, capture all new business niches that appear every year.

Today we can confidently say that we are the leader in this area, so, we are ready to offer you mutually beneficial cooperation.

Investing in Totum Solutions is a guarantee of your profit.


Totum Solutions GmbH
Sonnentalstrasse 10, 8600 Dübendorf
Dübendorf (ZH)
Rechtsform – GmbH

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Affiliate program

Occupying the niche of providing services in the field of business development, we understand the importance of teamwork in this area, therefore, in addition to the standard investment program, our company is ready to offer investors a flexible affiliate system of income. The level of income depends on the plan and direction chosen by the investor. The first direction involves a three-level affiliate system, the second has up to eight levels.

Our Advantages



Many years of experience in the field of business development allows us to provide high-quality services. Over the years, we have successfully implemented our ideas in many companies.



Sooner or later, any business needs outside help. Our company provides consulting and professional services, which makes us sought-after.



It is impossible to doubt the high level of profitability when working with a company that has established itself in the market of providing consulting and professional services.



Our team includes only professionals in their field with a wide range of knowledge and experience in their narrowly focused field, which have proven their competitive skills.


Wide Service Range

Totum Solutions is a team of specialists in all areas. We are ready to offer all kinds of services: from consultations to the implementation of a new business process.


Cost Reduction

By engaging our company, the client has the opportunity to avoid the expansion of the staff, the hiring of a high-profile specialist, because our team has all the necessary staff.

Goals and tasks of the company


1. Opening new business areas such as: IT, medicine and food fields. Business expansion to Asian markets.


2. The main goal is to efficiently respond to changes in the market, anticipate and analyze new processes in order to reduce the impact of competitors on our activities.


3. In the next years, we are planning to open branches not only in Switzerland and Asia, but also in Germany, Austria, England. We feel the need to expand the geographic boundaries of our company.


4. We will launch the process of developing our own token for Totum Solutions. Soon, we will be able to inform you about the launch of this project.